Thank you from your winner, Sarah


sarahashwood-wI’m absolutely thrilled that I have won the Drug Synthesis Zone. I still have no idea how it happened! It really has been the most amazing experience.

Thank you to the other scientists – David Zoe Aaron and Elaine. It was a pleasure to work with you for 2 weeks! You’re knowledge and enthusiasm really helped the event go really smoothly and I think we all did an amazing job in the live chats. Thank you also to the moderators and all the staff in the Im a Scientist office for giving us the opportunity and keeping an eye on us to make sure we were coping! To the teachers who booked chats for their classes – thank you for letting us have the opportunity to share our experience with your students.

Most of all thanks you to all the students for taking part. I can’t stress enough how amazing it was to have the experience to interact with you. You enthusiasm and curiosity was contagious and really made me think so much more about what it is that I am doing and how it fits into the “big picture”. I hope that the other scientists and myself have inspired you into following a scientific career – be that in drug synthesis or in marine biology or robotics!

It was never about the money – as I’m sure all the other scientists will agree – it was always about the opportunity to take part in such a fantastic event. We very rarely get the opportunity to speak to so many different students and be asked such thought provoking questions. While my fingers still ache from having to type so fast in the live chats (I’m still really sorry for all the questions I couldn’t get round too in the 30 mins!!) my mind is also still turning over some of the more interesting questions – I mean, what would happen if you were in a car at the speed of light and you turned on the headlights? – I answered as many of the questions as I could but there are still a number that have intrigued my curiosity and I’d be interested to know the real answer!!

Thank you for reminding me what it was like to be in school studying science. I feel like too much of a grown-up some of the time, but taking part in I’m a Scientist has really reminded me of why I love science and why I’ve chosen this career for myself.

You’ve all been amazing. I kind of miss it now it’s over!! Now I just have to work out what to do with the money. Apparently I’m not allowed a lab monkey….

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    Well Done Sarah

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